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The Six Pillars to Build Your Life On. Trust, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, & Citizenship!
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  1. PBIS Assembly
  2. C​​haracter Development Assembly
  3. ​Bullying Prevention Assembly
  4. Red Ribbon Week Assembly​ (Oct)​
  5. PTA/PTO/Family Night
Good Choices VS Bad Choices Superhero Assembly
Omegaman assembly speaker message about dealing with bullying

A Unique Presentation!

Omegaman & Friends is a unique school assembly presentation. Our message delivers the PBIS, Anti-Bullying and Character Development message through superhero characters, “Omegaman & Friends,” presenting an image that children can look up to and mimic. The superhero identity captures the students’ attention and helps them retain the message for the long term. Omegaman & Friends school assemblies is the only program to offer this type of presentation.
I have attended many conferences on bullying prevention, as well as the Olweus Bullying Prevention Method, after seeing the Omegaman & Friends presentation; I give my highest recommendation to this show.
Liz Mathis, Guidance Counselor,
Cypress Ridge Elementary, Clermont, FL

Continual Support from Omegaman & Friends!

In order to increase success, Omegaman & Friends provides schools with support materials BEFORE and AFTER the presentation. These materials reinforce the PBIS, Anti-Bullying and Dream-Maker themes long after Omegaman & Friends have visited your school. Materials may include, but are not limited to: posters, promotional materials, press releases, parent letters, follow up material, videos and activity worksheets.

Experience and Passion!

Omegaman & Friends prides itself on years of experience speaking in public and private school assembly settings. We have a passion for developing positive minds, bodies and attitudes of our future generations. Thank you for considering Omegaman & Friends as your next assembly presentation. One of a kind school assembly that lasts!
Omegaman & Friends will provide all tangible materials to be used during the assembly. We are more than happy to donate such materials as a positive reminder of our message. This includes some of the props that our presenter’s uses, coloring pages and other items.

school assembly shows on bullying

Find out more about Omegaman and Friends School Assemblies

Click above for more information about Omegaman and Friends School Assemblies. To book now, click the contact link at the top right of the page or please phone 1-888-315-6772.

School Program Topics

  1. Be a H.E.R.O. – Helping Everyone Respect Others
  2. Bullying – Identify, Respond, Prevent & Bystander
  3. Be a Dream-Maker not a Dream-Breaker
  4. Hold on to your Dreams. You’re not a quitter.
  5. Power of your words.
  6. Making Positive Choices
  7. Academic Excellence
  8. Healthy Choices
#1 Superhero Bully Prevention School Assembly