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Your life will only be known by the LEGACY you leave!

We are looking for individuals/businesses/corporations who believe in the next generation. We would consider it an honor and privilege to link hands with you as we can make a larger impact in our communities.

The Start of A Revolution

Hundreds of principals share with us each year that they would love to host an Omegaman & Friends Assembly if they had the finances to do so. Many schools in our nation have had their budgets cut and money provided to schools for PBIS/ Bully Prevention Programs such as ours have been impacted financially.

A principal once said after performing an assembly at his school “Why aren’t you performing in every school?” The sad answer to that question is that funding provided to schools for prevention programs such as ours has been cut from their budgets. This has stopped our forward progress in getting into thousands of schools per year.

At this point Marc recognizes the immediate need to capitalize on the current momentum to propel Omegaman & Friends forward to bring a bigger awareness on bullying. The proper steps have been taken to create a strategic plan to move into select markets and advance the organization.

The need for this content is great! To impact more schools, students and communities. Marc decided to launch “The HERO Revolution Charity” (Helping Everyone Respect Others).

The definition of “Revolution” means (from the Latin revolutio, “a turn around”)
Through the HERO Revolution we want to TURN the bullying statistic around to ensure children; teens and adults, live in a safe and nurturing environment. We will provide training, information, support and advice to children, parents, schools, businesses and communities to enable them to gain knowledge and develop the confidence and skills to challenge abuse and bullying in all of its forms.

This 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity will provide the financial resources to eliminate occurrences of bullying among children and adolescents in and out of the school settings through prevention and intervention methods and education programs in communities.

The H.E.R.O. Revolution Charity provides

  • Anti-bullying school assemblies
  • Confidence building sessions for children and adults who are/have been bullied
  • Interactive support web site
  • Helpline offering support and advice to young people, parents of bullied children
  • Booklets, literature, posters, training guides, educational videos on bullying,
  • Child protection tips, games
  • HERO camps
  • City-wide events (concerts, parades, Walk-a-thons)
  • Parenting national training program on child safety & behavior management issues
  • Thank you for your donation and your partnership to the Hero Revolution Charity. Your willingness to help our youth and our communities, to make a positive lasting difference on a massive scale throughout our Country is heroic. With lack of money never being a reason a young life is not impacted, turned around, or even saved from taking the wrong path in life.As the founder of the H.E.R.O. Revolution, I am thankful to know I have partners like you who are stand with me as we reach millions with the life-transforming message of living a bully-free life.Thank you for taking heroic steps helping to reach millions of young people. With heartfelt thanks, Marc Wilkes
    Founder Let’s IMPACT kids lives, ONE school at a TIME!