Hot off the Press, OmegaMan & Friends Information

OmegaMan Presentations Energize Polk County School Children!

OmegaMan has big dreams for Polk County’s schoolchildren. OmegaMan and Friends worked with over 30 different schools in Polk County to impress young people with a message of hope! Click here to read more!

Strongman’s Message to Kids: Focus on the Future!

As he rips a nearly 1700 page phone book in half with his bare hands and sounds of awe stream out of from the audience, OmegaMan know he has the students’ attention. Now the positive message can begin! Click here to read more!

OmegaMan & Friends School Assemblies Motivation Kids Program!

Marc Wilkes, a.k.a. OmegaMan performs the world’s greatest exhibition of power, strength, speed, inspiration and motivation! he delivers an Anti-Bullying and Character Development message through a comic book superhero, an image that children look up to an emulate. Click here to read more!

Find our why numerous TV and Newspaper outlets have covered our school assemblies across the nation!

Omega-Man & Friends school presentation has been a valuable tool in the hands of principals and school administrators across the nation! Those principals and administrators have commented that the content and presentation of our assemblies has been life changing for their students and faculty! They have seen students, including those “at risk”, plucked off the road to failure and planted onto a road of success. Click here to read more!

OmegaMan Stamps Out Bullying!

To kick off Bully Awareness week at Milaca Public Schools, students in grades K-9 were given an opportunity to hear a presentation by Marc Wilkes, a.k.a. the OmegaMan! Click here to read more!

OmegaMan reinforces good choices at Spirit Elementary!

Superhero OmegaMan recently visited Spirit Elementary with positive messages to make good choices against bullying and drugs. Spirit staff and students wore superhero costumes to school in anticipation of OmegaMan’s visit. Click here to read more!

OmegaMan’s message gives kids a lift!

Studebaker Middle School Students Cetera Griffith and Cole Draughn get a lift from OmegaMan during a visit from the strong man Monday at the Huber Heights school. Click here to read more!

Don’t let bad decisions pollute a person. The lesson of OmegaMan comes to Island Heights!

In life bad decisions happen. But a continual series of bad decisions can pollute a person, ruining their dreams for the future. This was the lesson of OmegaMan, a superhero who swept into Island Heights Grade School. Click here to read more!