Omegaman & Friends

Marc Wilkes aka Omega-Man Founder and President of Omega-Man & Friends

Marc motivates and encourages his audiences to action in his trademark series of live events and workshops designed to enhance personal, professional and business development. Marc has spoken in over 4000+ schools and is considered as one of the top school assembly & youth speakers in the nation.

Marc overcame numerous obstacles in his life. His life-changing teachings have been shared with seminar groups, colleges, schools, conferences and large companies. Marc has been recognized by numerous Mayors, Governors and Members of Congress, Publix, Big Brother & Big Sister, Mental Health Foundation, United Way and many more for superior achievement and personal interest in the lives of young people.

“Communication is the ability to take people on a journey from where they are, to where they need to be.”

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Superhero Omegaman changes into his disguise to stop bullyingOmegaman coloring page
Kids raising their hands at superhero school assembly
Assembly superhero Omegaman with bully free sign

JD aka Iceman


JD has been featured on many national television shows around the world including America’s Got Talent, the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He is a six time world record holder and an expert in feats of strength. Has performed in over 2000 schools.

Ice Man Superhero Motivational Speaker
Iceman superhero speaker with Jay Leno
Ice Man superhero speaker ripping phone book
Iceman Superhero assembly speaker with students

Andy Gavin aka Guardian

Andy Gavin aka Guardian was an All-State baseball player in high school, played a year of semi-pro baseball immediately out of high school. He’s a former North American strongman competitor and has spoken in over 1500 schools. A top motivational speaker who has seen thousands of students plucked from the road of failure and planted on the road to success.

Guardian Superhero at School Assembly
Guardian hero picking up kids
Guardian assembly superhero presentation
Guardian superhero with smiling kids at assembly

Ken Zachary aka Dynamo

Ken Zachary aka Dynamo set the high school world record in the 60 yard dash at 5.92. Ken was an All-American football player. He went on to play college football at Oklahoma State University, from there he played in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers and San Diego Chargers. He also played in the CFL with the Grey cup champions Hamilton Tiger Cats. Ken is also a published author of children’s books called the missions of Big Zach. Ken has spoken in over 5000 schools over the past 25 years.

George Milam aka Stonehands

Antibullying superhero Stonehands cartoon character

6′ 1″ 250 lbs. ex pro wrestler and power lifter! Ex trick water skier. Able to run his head through 4 feet of concrete and drive 16 penny nails through boards with his bare hand. From Prattville Alabama.

Stonehands ripping phone book in half at superhero school assembly
Stonehands at school assembly with student trying to break a baseball bat
Superhero presenter Stonehands giving a speech at school assembly
Superhero Stonehands assembly speaker with school

Joe a.k.a Titan

Joe was a former state power lifting champ. Played football at the University of North Alabama.
He has spoken in hundreds of schools. A top motivational speaker who has seen thousands of students plucked from the road of failure and planted on the road to success.

Titan school assembly superhero speaking
Superhero assembly speaker Titan lifting kids
Superhero speaker Titan motivating students
Selfie photo with Superhero assembly speaker Titan