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PTA Family Night Programs

Looking for something to draw your parents to your FAMILY, PTA or PTO Event?

Find out why schools are seeing record-breaking crowds at their family night events!

Family Night Programs and Assemblies

Find out why schools are seeing record-breaking crowds at their family night events!” The Omegaman & Friends night presentation is a powerful interactive eye-opening, 45 to 60 minute fun-filled message of character education, motivation, inspiration and hope, with feats of strength included. Many volunteers are included in the message, even getting parents involved. The message moves the students’/parents’ hearts and minds to contemplate change and new direction for their lives! During the course of the performance, your superhero presenterwill challenge those in attendance to live a life as a Dream-Maker (making good choices) and not as a Dream-Breaker (making bad choices)—to be the H.E.R.O. (Helping. Everyone. Respect. Others.) in you.

Also throughout the night, the attendees will see feats of strength; such as, snapping a baseball bat & ripping a phone book in half and even bending steel in their teeth to deliver the message as a tool to draw and maintain the attention of our students to ensure that message is not lost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the material in the family night program differ from the daytime assembly?

Yes. In conjunction with the daytime assembly, it’s one of the great selling points for your students. Children want their parents to share in the incredible event that they’ve experienced during the day. It helps make sure their folks bring them back that evening to see an all-new program. There are some underlying themes that carry through from one program to the next, which empowers kids through familiarity.

Can a superhero come to our school just to do the Family Night Program?

Certainly! While the ultimate way to build attendance for the evening program is by promoting it through the daytime performance, it stands alone fine. As a promotion helper, we can provide promo material for duplication to send home with your students.

What is the best way to use the program?

The Family Night Program is great to tie in with a PTA meeting, Family Night, Bully Awareness night, fundraising dinner, and even just for fun! Give us a call and we’ll help you plan.