Middle School Assemblies

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Omegaman on stage giving superhero assemblies speech to students

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  • PBIS Assembly
  • Character Development Assembly
  • Bullying Prevention Assembly
  • ​Red Ribbon Week Assembly​ (Oct)
  • Anti Tobacco, Drug and Alcohol Assembly

I am convinced that having Omegaman & Friends at our school was the best choice we made. My students learned a great deal with your message of CHOICES & CONSEQUENCES!

Principal Kevin Smith,
Benton Middle School

Combining unique feats of strength to deliver a powerful message

Marc Wilkes, a.k.a. Omegaman and Friends have years of experience speaking in public and private school assembly settings. They combine unique feats of strength with a powerful message that will inspire your students to make the right choices when it comes to bullying, peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, and personal achievement. The feats of strength are used as a tool to captivate and maintain the attention of the students ensuring that the message is not lost.

It is difficult to find a school program that will keep the attention of the students and deliver a meaningful message. That is exactly what this program will do.

~ Charlotte Fong, Guidance Counselor

Omegaman Superhero Anti-bullying Pillars of Success

Beyond just saying “No”

Just being challenged to say “NO” is not enough to bring revelation to the hearts and minds of today’s youth. The decisions they make today will determine their tomorrow-and this is the reason why we want to help you impact the students of your school by bringing them a powerful, fun-filled, yet serious presentation of choices, purpose, and goal setting for their future.

Omegaman & Friends middle school assembly auditorium

Middle School Program Topics

  1. Be the H.E.R.O. in You!
  2. The Road of Commitment or Compromise?
  3. The Power of Your Choice!
  4. Choose Character over Bullying.
  5. Don’t be a Bystander but an Upstander!
  6. What has your Focus has your Direction.
  7. Being a Leader, not a Follower!
  8. Anti Tobacco, Drug and Alcohol Awareness!

A Message of Hope From Experience

After holding thousands of school assemblies and talking to countless principals and administrators a common need surfaced. There is a need to bring a message of hope to our youth in these extreme times. Today, our teens are faced with a wide-range of distractions and pitfalls in achieving their dreams.

Why is our school assembly effective?

It’s hard for a speaker wearing a suit & tie to get most students’ attention nowadays. When the young people see one of the team members snap a baseball bat, rip a phone book in half and bending steel in his teeth it grabs the student’s attention.

Omegaman & Friends Mission

It is our mission to promote positive choices and move student’s hearts and minds to contemplate positive change and a new direction for their lives!

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