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A Letter From Biggest Fan of Omegman & Friends

Omegman & Friends

Breaking baseball bats, ripping phone books in half, bending steel bars, this Superhero is reaching out to schools nationwide with his anti-bullying message.  In 2008, after seeing the rise of school bullying in national headlines and other disturbing issues facing our youth, Marc Wilkes decided to tackle these matters head on. He started a campaign by creating a one of a kind school assembly called “Omegaman & Friends.” The program was birthed from a passion to tackle the issues of bullying, drugs, alcohol, violence, peer pressure, obesity and much more to motivate our youth toward exercising positive habits early in life through a comic book superhero.

Today, Omegaman spends the school year traveling the country, sharing his personal message of overcoming adversity and the benefits of being a “Dream-Maker” and not a “Dream-Breaker”.  Many kids have personally written Omegaman a thank you for the program and detail how it has affected them personally.

One such letter states, “Thanks to you, I now feel confident in myself. Now I know why I was being so hard on my little brother. It was because people were so hard on me. Thank you for letting me experience that. You changed my life forever…My favorite part was when you talked about advice and bad things in a passionate way. You opened up my heart…you look like a superhero and…people look up to you as you being the right choice and the Dream-Breaker being the worst choice.” The letter is signed, “Your biggest fan.” Children really say it best, don’t they?

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