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Join the HERO League!

Across the country kids are becoming HEROES, just like you, by raising awareness of how to prevent bullying and to be a Dream-Maker!

The Omegaman & Friends Theme Song

Sign the Omegaman & Friends HERO Pledge

Have a teacher or parent help you download and print out the Omegaman & Friends HERO pledge by clicking the button below, and then sign the pledge to become a H.E.R.O.

Helping Everyone Respect Others!

Omegaman & Friends HERO Pledge

Did a superhero come to your school?

Let us know how that Superhero made a difference in your LIFE!
girl holding im a hero posterboy with omegaman school assembly shirtgirl holding anti-bullying poster

Here’s how:

Create a Superhero Poster

  • Be creative and use your imagination.
  • Maybe something you learned during the Omegaman & Friends assembly.
  • Have your mom/dad/friend/teacher take a picture of you (maybe dressed up as your favorite superhero) holding your poster.
  • We’ll post it on our Wall of HEROES page.

Email your picture to [email protected]

Check out these great ideas on how “You Can Be A H.E.R.O.”

You can make a difference!

1. Unity Day

October 25th is Unity Day so we want you, friends and your school to wear ORANGE so our schools and communities are safer. So become a HERO and make everything ORANGE! Make your whole world ORANGE on Unity Day and send the message everywhere that no one deserves to be bullied.

2. National Bullying Prevention Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month! This is the time that we all need to get the word out about bullying prevention. Whether it’s at school or in your neighborhood, on your sports teams or your dance teams, we need to spread messages of kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

Let’s be BULLY-FREE & it starts with You & Me!

3. Have your school host an Omegaman & Friends Superhero Assembly.

Download our promo flyer and give it to your Principal or Guidance Counselor. Become a HERO school.

4. Order Omegaman posters and banners for your hallways.

Go to our store and cover your school, or bedroom with our awesome superhero wall posters.

Mail THANK YOU letters to:
Omegaman & Friends
PO Box 3451
Spring Hill, FL 34611

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