Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Omega-Man & Friends Presentation?

Our Assemblies are 45-60 minutes long (depends on your time schedule) with a 15-minute break in between multiple assemblies. A K-6th grade school is typically divided into two assemblies; K-2nd Grade and 3rd-6th Grade…but we are flexible.

What grades is the program designed for?

We can modify our delivery/presentation to any grade level K-12. In Jr. and Sr. High schools your performer will be in casual wear and will use more complex illustrations/terms/skits to convey the message. Middle / High content can be found on website.

What does the performer need for the show?

Just supply the microphone and sound system, your presenter will supply the music and materials, just point the way and he’ll set up.

Can we include special messaging, like our school theme, in the assembly?

Yes, our Superheroes are able to incorporate special themes such as school motto, testing-preparation, health or a particular character quality into the main message.

How many students can come to each assembly? Can my school have more than one assembly?

Our presentation was developed for an all-school audience. Most schools will divide grade levels from lower to upper grades. Your Superhero presenter will modify the delivery/presentation to the grade level presented. There is an extra fee for a second assembly. Contact our office for pricing.

Do you have an overview brochure that I could show my principal, school counselor or PTA?

Yes, I have a Downloadable button for brochure (click on promotional flyer below)