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How it all started!!!


In 2008, after seeing the rise of school bullying in national headlines and other disturbing issues facing our youth, Marc Wilkes aka Omegaman decided to tackle these matters head on.

Marc started a school program in Lakeland, FL by creating a one of a kind school assembly called “Omegaman & Friends.” A​​ superhero ​theme ​school presentation, an image that ​young people look up to and mimic.
The program was birthed from a passion to tackle the issues of bullying, drugs, alcohol, violence, peer pressure, obesity and much more to motivate our youth toward exercising positive habits early in life. From elementary to high school, young people all over the nation have been challenged to “Be​ The H.E.R.O. in YOU    Helping Everyone Respect Others​ ​!​

A Superhero On A Mission!

Marc has an unrelenting drive to influence the lives of today’s youth in America. As founder and lead communicator of Omegaman & Friends, Marc understands the necessity of positive role models for youth to equip them with tools for life​.

The Omegaman & Friends school ​assembly ​presentation has been a valuable tool in the hands of principals and school administrators across the nation! Those principals and administrators have commented that the content and presentation of our assemblies has been life changing for their students and faculty! They have seen students, including those “at risk”, plucked off the road to failure and planted onto a road of success. We desire to offer this unique​ school assembly ​for your use.

Bullying Prevention ​& Character Development ​Program

Bullying has many faces and the pain is enormous, the effects can last a lifetime – much longer than a bloody nose. R​esearch suggests that the best way to deal with bullying is through comprehensive programs that focus on changing the climate of a school.

The Omegaman & Friends provides students with the means to prevent them from becoming a statistic while reinforcing the positive growth areas that include scholarship and character building emphasized by your school staff.

W​e are among America’s most sought after school assembly speakers and encouraging young people to live a life of excellence and challenging them to be the best that they can be. With the increasing struggles of America’s young people, the demand for powerful school shows that see positive, lasting results has never been higher​.​

Together we can all be HEROES!!!

Have a Super-Hero day,

Marc aka Omegaman

Omegaman travels around the country providing bullying assemblies for schools, Contact Omegaman for your next school assembly.

2 thoughts on “How it all started!!!

  1. I really like the message in this school assembly show speaker. This is such an important message to spread to youth who are at a developmental age like elementary school. A good friend of mine is on the PTA and needs assembly ideas and I will tell her to look into a speaker that has a positive act.

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