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You too can be a H.E.R.O!

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You too can be a H.E.R.O!

Research suggests that

the best way to deal with bullying

Is through comprehensive programs

that focus on changing

the climate of a school

Good Choices VS Bad Choices Superhero Assembly

Bring the Assembly to the Classroom!


Here’s a great opportunity to get things back to NORMAL and to enhance your school’s PBIS, Character Traits & Anti-Bullying Initiative with a “LIVE” SUPERHERO ASSEMBLY!

“This assembly was the BEST I’ve seen in my 20 year career.”

-Lenape Meadows Elementary School, NJ 2/9/22

We will modify our presentation according to your school’s Covid-19 protocols.

Many schools are scheduling multiple assemblies to accommodate social distancing.


“Limited Availability For The Spring”


If multiple schools joint book with you, all schools will receive a great discount!



  • You’ll receive our NEW 15 PBIS & School Enrichment Animated Video Series Curriculum to play in the classroom. (Over 90 minutes of video footage).Samples are on our website. Valued at $395. *Downloadable from our RESOURCE PAGE, a password is required and will be created when your assembly is confirmed.
  • 5 – Omegaman & Friends 12″x18″ Motivational Posters to hang around your school hallways.
  • 50+ activity worksheets to promote positive behavior throughout the school year in the classroom. (coloring pages, activity sheets, pledges, classroom discussion questions, etc.) *Downloadable from Resource Page, a password is required.
  • The materials / props that your presenter uses during the presentation (Baseball Bat, Ripped Phonebook and Steel), he will autograph and present them to your school. Most schools will put these items in the display case to remind students throughout the school year the message as they walk by. A very powerful reinforcement tool!

Sneak Peek of “Power of Your Words” Video Series

Sneak Peek of “Bully Prevention” Video Series

Sneak Peek of “Believe In Yourself” Video Series

Sneak Peek of “What is Bullying” Video Series

Sneak Peek of “Be a Dream-Maker” Video Series

You can play these videos on classroom smart boards, live streaming, projector screens, remote teaching, and other virtual tools over and over throughout the school year.

Our superhero presentation

Our superhero presentations deliver a powerful message covering a wide range of important topics.

Download and print our promo flyer to share at your staff meeting or give to your kids Principal / Guidance Counselor.

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Join us and become a hero

Kick-off the new school year with a

  • PBIS assembly
  • Character Development Assembly
  • Bullying Prevention Assembly
  • PTA/PTO Family Night
  • Red Ribbon Week Assembly (Oct)
  • Honor Roll Reward Assembly

We rcommend motivation daily omegaman

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Why Omegaman & Friends School Assemblies are so effective.

Superhero Assemblies that capture your attention.

It’s hard for an assembly speaker to capture the attention of students now days. When students see one of our superhero presenters, snap a baseball bat over his leg, rip a phonebook in two and bend steel in his teeth, it really grabs their attention.

These feats of strength are used as object lessons that will have the students remembering our message that will promote POSITIVE CHOICES and move the student’s hearts and minds to contemplate positive change and new direction for their lives!

It is difficult to find a school program that will keep the attention of the students and deliver a meaningful message. That is exactly what this program will do.

-Charlotte Fong, School Guidance Counselor


We are among America’s most sought after school assembly speakers. Our assemblies encourage young people to live a life of excellence and challenge them to be the best that they can be.

Omegaman & Friends is a unique school assembly presentation. Our message delivers the Anti-Bullying and Character Development message through a one of a kind superhero theme!

Be a H.E.R.O! Helping Everyone Respect Others.

-The Omegaman & Friends Motto

The Omegaman & Friends Assembly

Key topics covered.

  • Character Development
  • PBIS
  • S.E.L. – Social and Emotional Learning
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Respect For All Week
  • Peer Pressure
  • Making Positive Choices
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Academic Excellence

*We will also add any content / phrase you are using throughout the school year to reinforce your agenda.

Students engaged in a character building superhero assembly

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See what others are saying!

It was by far the BEST assembly for students. His message is for TODAY!

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Make it a Superhero day!

Past schools have had their students & faculty wear their favorite Super-Hero t-shirts & costumes the day of the assembly. It brings excitement and engages them into our theme this year: “Be A H.E.R.O.” Check out some of the superhero schools!!!

Have Your Omegaman & Friends Assembly Paid By Grants.

Fund Your Assembly with Grants

Have your Superhero Omegaman & Friends Assembly paid by state & local grants.

Our presentation covers a variety of topics which can financially pay for your PBIS, Character Development and Bully Prevention Assembly including:

  1. PBIS
  2. Character Development
  3. Mental Health
  4. Social & Emotional Learning (S.E.L.)
  5. Bully Prevention Assembly
  6. Drug Awareness

Givewell Community giving check to pay for school assemblies

All New Omegaman Comic Book

Omegaman Anti-Bullying Comic Book Recommended for K-8th

Order Your Omegaman & Friends Comic

Omegaman disguises himself as a guidance counselor at an elementary school so he can catch Deceptor and his gang! Learn what bullying is and the different types of bullying in a way kids will understand and comprehend. Challenging the reader to be a H.E.R.O. – Helping Everyone Respect Others. Students enjoying superhero assembly comic booksLearn More

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Character Traits are used within our presentation to help instill a positive school climate and a “culture of kindness”, making schools a safe environment for students to learn.

Superhero Anti-bullying Pillars of SuccessAnimated series, comic book, curriculum



  1. “NEW” Our 12 PBIS & School Enrichment Animated Video Series Curriculum. (60 minutes of video material)
  2. Over 40 activity worksheets to promote positive behavior throughout the school year in the classroom. (coloring pages, activity sheets, pledges, classroom discussion questions, etc.)
  3. 5 – Omegaman & Friends Motivational 12×18 Hallway Posters to hang throughout your school.
  4. Access to our “RESOURCE CURRICULUM” for additional materials to reinforce our message “BEFORE” and “AFTER” the presentation.
  5. The materials that your Presenter breaks (Baseball Bat, Ripped Phonebook and Steel), he will autograph and present them to your school. Most schools will put these items in the display case to remind students throughout the school year of the message. A very powerful reinforcement tool!


  • We now offer custom price quotes based on location, flexibility in scheduling and multi-school bulk-rate bookings. Simply submit your request below and we will quickly provide several options, some with discounted prices. We have found this is the best way to provide shows to schools with a variety of budgets and needs.
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