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History of OMEGAMAN & FRIENDS School Assemblies

Over the past decade reports on bullying amongst America's youth have been steadily on the increase. In 2008, Marc Wilkes decided to tackle the problem head on. He started a school assembly program in Lakeland, Florida called "OMEGAMAN & FRIENDS." Marc developed this assembly program based around his alter-ego "OmegaMan," a superhero who represents the final word on bullying using the acronym H.E.R.O. ; Helping Everyone Respect Others. The design of the program is to tackle issues that face young people head on. OmegaMan & Friends travel around the country combating issues such as bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, peer pressure, obesity and others.

A Superhero On A Mission!

Marc's mission is to help our young people with a genuine message, teaching them to exercise positive behaviors early on in life. Through his alter-ego "OmegaMan," Marc is able to present a fun, action packed, school assembly that really helps young people focus on, and more importantly, remember what it means to be helpful to others and show respect towards all. Marc uses his superhero persona to perform feats of strength and get students involved in his anti-bullying message. Omegaman has one goal in mind, to stamp out bullying in our schools and amongst our youth.

Host a School Assembly with OmegaMan & Friends!

OmegaMan & Friends has programs for all ages of young people, from High School, to Middle School and Elementary, OmegaMan & Friends are ready to help you stamp out bullying. We even have programs for nighttime events and PTA meetings. For more information about OMEGAMAN & FRIENDS and anyone of the programs listed, please click on the links above, or click "contact," to book OMEGAMAN & FRIENDS today!

Bullying Prevention Programs

Since 2008, OmegaMan & Friends has visited over 3000 schools and presented in front of 1.3 million youth in over 45 states. In just 6+ years bullying prevention has grown into a widespread national movement with support from local schools, state and federal government organizations. OmegaMan & Friends has a great message to share, not only for children, but for adults as well. With continued involvement from schools and localities we can help stamp out bullying.